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Welcome to our world! A world filled with, love, passion, greed, and patience. Pure and honest. We as a brand stand for fair products with an awesome look and ..
Welcome to our world! A world filled with, love, passion, greed, and patience. Pure and honest. We as a brand stand for fair products with an awesome look and ..

Welcome to our world!

A world filled with, love, passion, greed, and patience. Pure and honest. We as a brand stand for fair products with an awesome look and beautiful feel for the erotic industry.

The products developed by Ylva & Dite are 100% Dutch quality. We believe in designing, developing, and manufacturing our products ourselves. This gives us total control over quality.

The products are designed by Dutch designers, R&D is executed in Holland and the production is realized in the south of The Netherlands. We take pride in the fact that we are fully Dutch and able to show the industry that fair products can be beautiful, European, and affordable.

Your company is called Ylva & Dite. Does it have meaning and why did you choose that name?

Our name is a combination of two words which we consider to be in beautiful harmony when it comes to erotics.

Ylva finds its origin in Scandinavia. The word is used for a wolf in Scandinavia. For us, the word Ylva stands for fearless, wild, the animal of pleasure.

Dite is the short term for Aphrodite, Aphrodite is a well-known Greek goddess. In mythology, she represents sexuality and love. This fits perfectly for our brand. 

When you look at our logo you will be able to see a combination of both the wolf and the representation of love. Are you able to see it? 

Were you involved in the erotic industry before Ylva & Dite?

This is our first experience with the erotic industry, we are a company that has over 40 years of experience in the retailing business but hasn’t been in touch with the erotic industry. Our retail experience comes from the wellness industry, this has been our core business. Now the company is going through diversification.

Hopefully, the erotic industry will treat us well :).

What can you tell us about the team behind the company?

The team of Ylva & Dite consists out of 6 people with their own specialty. Everyone has another focus. This means that someone is specialized in marketing, someone is focussed on development, logistics, design etc.

What kind of products are you offering? Could you give us a short introduction to your portfolio?

Our product range currently consists purely out of dildos. Thirteen dildos in total, the main difference can be found in the product depth. We offer over forty colors per model. This way everyone can choose the model and color which suits him or her best.

It’s up to the consumer to free the animalistic side, we just offer the right tools in the right color, the right quality, at the right time.


How and why did you decide to get into making dildos?

We have been looking for a new challenge within the retail market. We are familiar with retail and aware of the challenges within retail.

 We’ve had lots of discussions about the development of dildo’s and had doubts regarding the subject. The reason is that we know retail but we don’t know this specific industry. But we were intrigued by the industry and its challenges.

After research, we decided to take a jump into the deep and see if we are able to develop sex toys.  We’ve started testing, trying, testing, trying testing, trying, and finetuning. This process took over two years and a lot of patience. After two years of trying, finetuning and R&D, we were satisfied with the quality, the look of the dildo’s and thought “let’s get this on the market”. 

The toys of Ylva & Dite are handmade in Holland. What are the pluses and minuses of manufacturing the toys yourself?

The most important motivator for this decision to produce in Holland is that this gives us the guarantee that everything about the product is 100% safe. We are able to check all raw materials and are fully involved in the production process. Our own eyes are the guarantee that this product is body-safe and clean. Next to this guarantee is gives us flexibility and control in development and amounts produced. We are now able to provide small amounts of customized products for consumers.

What can you tell us about the design process? What’s most important for you in this process?

Lots of thought goes into the designs, for us, it matters how the product is shaped or curved. It matters which length and diameter are given to the products. The products need to look sexy and attractive. You should feel a slight sense of joy by just looking at the product.

Next to this, the most important is the feeling and sensation the product provides. These thoughts guide our design process. The experience needs to be ‘one of a kind’. If you are the owner of two Ylva & Dite dildo’s they should feel totally different from each other.  

What prompts the creation of a new dildo design?

There are lots of designs for dildos. We are inspired by our surroundings. We can get inspired by the shapes of animals, existing products, futuristic characters. When we start shaping a dildo with the inspiration in the back of our head, the main pillars for development are that the product needs to be pretty, functional, and effective.

What is the main difference, if there is one, between what you make for a woman and what you make for a man?

All dildos can be used by both, therefore we provide all colors. Men choose darker colors, Women choose more bright colors. Next to the choice in colors, you’ll see that size does matter.

Men choose bigger sizes than women. Most men buying a dildo seem more experienced or like to be challenged. Women look for sizes that are more realistic to the real thing.

Do you ever think of making other erotic toys?

For sure, we see our dildos like the first line of products. Currently, we are developing buttplugs and cookrings. We are also in the early stage of developing vibrators. We will keep finetuning these products and keep looking for more products which are fit for the industry. If the products fit in our story we will develop them and put them on the market.

All in lots of colors, all handmade, all unique and all with Dutch quality.

What’s coming up for you? What is the plan for 2021?

We don’t rest on our laurels here, we are always creating, pushing Ylva & Dite to a higher level. That is why we are currently upgrading our packaging so it will fit perfectly with the quality of the dildos. Expect to hear more on this will very soon.

Apart from that, we got our own stainless-steel vibrating bullet which can be used with our dildos to provide our customers with new thrills. And it creates a perfect link between a dildo and a vibrator.

And of course, there will be some new models in our dildo range and a wholly new collection of butt plugs. The biggest topic on everyone’s mind nowadays is the coronavirus and social distancing.

What have you been doing during this time to stay upbeat? 

Luckily we didn’t have a total lockdown in the Netherlands, so we were able to continue producing. And we were able to continue with the new things to come. So that makes us happy and in the end also the customer.

Unleash your inner beast!


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