Winners Announced for CineKink 2020 Film Festival

Winners of the CineKink 2020 Film Festival were announced during a virtual ceremony Sunday night, including the CineKink Artist Spotlight, designed to recognize...

Winners of the CineKink 2020 Film Festival were announced during a virtual ceremony Sunday night, including the CineKink Artist Spotlight, designed to recognized outstanding artistry over a body of work, to Shine Louise Houston.

The 17th annual edition of CineKink, originally scheduled for last spring, pivoted to a virtual presentation in the wake of coronavirus lockdowns and broadcast from December 2-6 on Houston’s

“We’re so very grateful that we were finally able to present these works to our audience,” CineKink Co-Founder and Director Lisa Vandever said.

“Congratulations and thanks are in order, not just to the winners tonight, but to all of the filmmakers for contributing to this year’s outstanding lineup.”

The 2020 CineKink Artist Spotlight honoree Shine Louise Houston has exhibited films at CineKink since 2008, including this year’s “The Camera & I,” “Tickle Takedown” and “Writing in Bed.”

“In addition, Houston’s creation and curation of the streaming platform has opened up resources for independent adult filmmakers and festivals, allowing them to bring their works to a global audience,”

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A list of winners follows:

  • CineKink Choice Award for Best Narrative Feature
    “Volunteers Wanted” (Directed by Ron Rex, 2019, Spain, 71 minutes. Stars Kali Sudhra, Jiz Lee and Finn Peaks)
  • CineKink Choice Award for Best Documentary Feature
    “Thee Debauchery Ball” (Directed by David Weathersby, 2019, USA, 71 minutes. Features Khari B, William “Big Will” Dunn, Abena Kawana, Dhe-Di Willoughby, Chanel Beebe, Craig Alexander, Josh Ishmon, Summer Coleman, Danielle Sanders, Michael Tekhen Strode, Ray Bee, Cee Bee, Pia Easley and L. Talibah McDonald)
  • CineKink Best Dramatic Short – (tie)
    “The MILF Next Door” (Directed by and stars Sadie Lune, with Dion DeRossi, 2019, Germany, 28 minutes)
  • CineKink Best Dramatic Short – (tie)
    “Side Order” (Directed by Ashley Mosher, 2019, USA, 12 minutes. Stars Sonya Davis, Beth Thompson and Christopher Hirsh)
  • CineKink Best Comedy Short
    “The Rep” (Directed by Douglas Knox, 2019, USA, 25 minutes. Stars Sean Robinson, Rachel Alig, Bri Ana Wagner, Sarah Moliski, Michael Caprarella, Kevin Scott Allen, Nina Hartley and Evan Stone)
  • CineKink Best Documentary Short + Best Digital Series
    “The Fathers’ Project” (Directed by Leo Herrara, 2019, USA, 11 minutes)
  • CineKink Best Experimental Short
    “Spellbound” (Directed by Ulrike Kaffei, 2019, Germany, 9 minutes. Stars Marika Leila Roux [aka Gorgone] and Gestalta)
  • CineKink Best Musical Short
    “Butt Fantasia” (Directed by Mohit Jaswalm, 2018, USA, 6 minutes. Stars Bruce Patzke)

CineKink Honorable Best Mentions

  • “The MultiVerse in a MouthF*ck” (Directed by Jorge The Obscene, 2019, Chile, 21 minutes. Stars Jorge The Obscene, Rafael Medina, Sultan of Filth, Schoko Channel, Tristan Rehbold, Jo Pollux, Medad Rangay, Kate Hole, Nicky Miller, Candy Flip, Mad Kate, and Gio Black Peter)
  • “Polyamory: The Musical” (Directed by Inka Winter, 2019, USA, 5 minutes)
  • “Put Your Feet Up” (Directed by Peter Horgan, 2019, USA, 21 minutes. Stars Joshua Koopman and Cara Gerardi)
  • “Walking A Fine Line” (Directed by Meti Oker, 2019, Switzerland, 4 minutes. Features abcde Flash and Matís d’Arc)

“Bring It!” — Adult Industry Showcase Award, 2019

  • “Restless” (Directed by three-time previous ‘Bring It!’ champion, Urvashi, 2019, USA, 11 minutes. Stars Rogue and many, many hands)

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