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Talking about sex is often difficult for queer people. Most of us were raised by parents who would not dare bring up the subject of sex - queer OR hetero - and most cultures, communities and social media platforms censor honest discussions about it....

FRUITBOWL is a podcast series that gives queer people a platform to talk about their personal sex histories and provides a safe space for reflection and practical advice. FRUITBOWL is a judgment-free platform for honest, frank conversations about queer sex.

EroticSpin had the possibility to ask few questions to Dave Quantic, Creator/Producer of Fruitbowl.

What inspired you to create it?
Talking about sex is often difficult for queer people. Most of us were raised by parents who would not dare bring up the subject of sex – queer OR hetero – and most cultures, communities and social media platforms censor honest discussions about it. Additionally, many of us grew up in families and cultures that are hostile towards queer people, forcing us to seek answers from pornography and explore sex with an enormous amount of secrecy and shame. Since the summer of 2018, I have filmed over 60 interviews and created three seasons of podcast episodes and short films in preparation for a FRUITBOWL documentary feature film. My goal is to film at least 100 interviews with a diverse cross-section of queer voices in an effort to destigmatize queer sex and reveal the fierce individuality, strength and independence of queer people.

How did you come up with this idea? 

In 2018 I decided to submit a five-minute film for HUMP, a film festival in Seattle that is dedicated to do-it-yourself pornography; but, instead of submitting a traditional porn film, I decided to make a documentary about queer sex. I interviewed 18 friends about their queer coming of age years and the result was PORN YESTERDAY, a five-minute short that explored the many crafty ways that queer people found porn in the early years of their exploration. PORN YESTERDAY won HUMP’s Jury Award that year and toured the US with HUMP.

But since PORN YESTERDAY was only five minutes long (a HUMP festival time limit), I had a lot of great interview content that was left on the cutting room floor, so I decided to create a podcast episode from each of my interviews. Since then, I have continued filming interviews across the country with a diverse group of queer people. I’ve also increased the number of questions I ask so that each episode is even more detailed about each person’s sex history. 

What challenges have you faced since starting  “FruitBowl Podcast”?
For obvious reasons, I have difficulty finding people who are willing to share details of their very intimate sex lives with the world, but many people who take the leap describe the interview and episode production process as deeply satisfying and cathartic. 

One fail-safe protocol I have implemented is the approval process that happens before an episode is posted. Even though I have people sign a talent release form before filming an interview, I still insist that each person listens to their edited episode before it’s posted to podcast platforms so that they aren’t surprised by an answer or detail that they may have forgotten they shared during the interview. If they do hear something they have had second thoughts about including, they are free to remove it NO QUESTIONS ASKED. 

Another challenge has been funding.  Since I conduct each interview in person, I have to pay for travel, accommodations and equipment all out of pocket. I also donate my time as an editor, working at least 10-15 hours to editing, post-production engineering and promotion for each episode all while supporting myself with a full-time day job.  Needless to say, I would be much more productive if I didn’t also have to work full time.  

Where can you see the podcast going in the next couple of years? 
Eventually, I would like to find enough sponsors and donors and outside funding (grants, partnerships) that would allow me to dedicate myself full time to FRUITBOWL’s mission of encouraging productive and informative conversations about queer sex. 

Where our readers can listen to it?
You can find a full archive of episodes as well as links to podcast platforms (Spotify, Apple Podcasts), original videos and a full list of questions at www.fruitbowlpodcast.com

Do you want to share anything with our readers?
Unfortunately, it is near impossible to promote FRUITBOWL on Facebook because of the limitations they put on posts that touch on sexual issues. So if you check out my podcast and you like it, tell a friend and write a review on Apple Podcasts.  This is the main way people discover it.

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