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One of the greatest aspects of human sexuality is discovery and exploration. I find that the best way to encourage this is a safe place, free of judgement, to discover oneself in a private environment....
One of the greatest aspects of human sexuality is discovery and exploration. I find that the best way to encourage this is a safe place, free of judgement, to discover oneself in a private environment....

ViRo Playspace is a high-quality, sex-positive, online adult play space that encourages adult-themed exploration in a safe, non-judgmental, and anonymous environment. Innovative sex-tech supports the majority of the most popular adult sex toys that stay perfectly in sync with what you see – allowing you to feel the action as it happens. With optional VR mode, what track motion in our virtual space to provide fully immersive experiences – which will allow users to connect from anywhere in the world within the comfort of their own home.

ViRo Playspace already has several solo experiences available to explore on our Simulator Level, including beautiful women, men, and even fantasy characters. ViRo Playspace is home to many immersive experiences for a wide variety of tastes like BDSM, furry, LGBTQ+, and many others. These simulated fantasies are created by individuals with a passion to express themselves in a way that reflects their own desires. This means the content for women are made by women, furry by furry, and so on…

We asked a few questions about ViRo Playspace, which the Marketing Director Ela Darling was happy to answer for us.

How did you came up with the idea of ViRo Playspace?

ViRo Playspace started out as Velvet Romance, inspired by an adult lifestyle club that some of our team used to frequent. We loved how folks visiting this place were so chill and respectful, more so than at regular clubs/bars. We also loved that the initials were VR, so we called it the VR club a lot, especially when trying to be discreet. The original idea was to create a social space for adults in VR with live hosts, which we did tests for early on. In some of our first tests, we used a generic anime girl we call “Filler – Chan” to test the possibilities with our old motion capture system. That was ambitious at the time, and so we pivoted to releasing fully motion tracked CGI VR experiences as we worked towards creating the social spaces, which are our ultimate goal.

What was the creating process?

One of the greatest aspects of human sexuality is discovery and exploration. I find that the best way to encourage this is a safe place, free of judgement, to discover oneself in a private environment.

We first tested one-on-one interactions, VR camming, live lewdtubing, social features, and then started creating single player experiences. The reasoning behind this order was to ensure we could pull off the full vision of the platform before making any promises.

Demo of Vex Ruby

How ViRo Playspace works?

The initial vision for ViRo Playspace was actually to create a judgement-free social space in VR for adults to connect, explore, and play together with a focus on consent. That’s still our long term goal and we hope to release a beta build of ViRo Social Spaces very soon.

In its current form, ViRo Playspace is an interactive adult app on Steam for PC and VR where you’re transported to a virtual club full of sexy opportunities. We offer 9 different immersive CGI experiences, or Dreams, that cater to a variety of erotic tastes and can interact with almost every haptic sex toy on the market. Our latest features our virtual camgirl Vex Ruby, who has been streaming on Chaturbate and CAM4 for almost a year now. 

Vex is fully motion tracked in real time when she broadcasts, so every movement and every word are live in real time. When she gets tips, her haptic toys buzz and if users connect their toys to our Touchback system in ViRo Playspace, they can feel what she feels as well.

What do you need to connect to ViRo Playspace?

With 9 different experiences or “Dreams” to choose from, all content is accessed and available for purchase on a PC via ViRo Playspace on Steam. This includes one free demo dream that users can enjoy when they download the app. We designed it to be an immersive VR experience but you don’t have to use VR to enjoy our content. We support almost every major teledildonic/haptic sex toy as well. All you have to do is connect your device in our app and your toy will sync up with the Dreams in ViRo!

Why Virtual Reality? What is so special about it?

The team at ViRo Playspace are all dedicated pioneers in VR with extensive experience with this technology. We were already working in Virtual Reality on our own games and on various other projects with other teams. Our motion capture rig allowed us to focus on high quality animation for many of these projects. To help with calibration and to make it easier for motion capture actors to interact with a VR scene, we created some techniques to put the motion capture actors in the VR scene in real-time. Some of our projects at the time were multiplayer prototypes, which combined with the low degree of latency in motion capture, had us excited to casually test some real-time interactions between a person in VR and someone in motion capture. From these various experiments, three of us simultaneously started considering that our skill-sets and the technology available to us would translate perfectly to making high quality VR adult content, which was mostly 180 and 360 video at the time. The real-time tests would lead to the planning of live streaming motion capture to large groups of players who are viewing, and possibly interacting, from within VR.

Even though some of our earliest tests were related to streaming and interactions between multiple people, to keep the scope manageable, production for an application started as a single player side project. We had a couple people writing the setting, mood, and sequence for a sensual experience. After some iterations and editing, we recorded some motion capture and put together the first scene. This would become the basis for the single player dream experiences.

Find more about ViRo Club on and fallow on Twitter or you can download it on Steam.

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