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The consumers that buy from you are all searching for something new to EnRich their lives. Most men never ever worn a cock ring before and found Velv’Or when ...
The consumers that buy from you are all searching for something new to EnRich their lives. Most men never ever worn a cock ring before and found Velv’Or when ...

One of the reasons people wear jewelry is because it sets them apart from others, it allows them to demonstrate their taste, their style. It should look good, it should have class, and usually, it’s okay if it’s a bit on the expensive side. Velv’Or fit right in with these criteria. The company is named after the states a penis goes through a sexual encounter. ‘Velv’ which has been taken from the word ‘’Velv’ from velvet meaning soft, and ‘Or’ from vigor meaning hard. As the name of the Netherland-based company suggests they create exclusive cock rings from materials like gold and silver and nylon fiber.

The company founder Jelle Plantenga tells us what story hides behind Velv’Or and what qualities these pieces of intimate jewelry have.

What sparked the idea for starting Velv’Or?

After starting to wear cock rings in 2006 I noticed that they gave me a very nice feeling when wearing them during the day as well as during sex. But the standard circular shape of an o-ring was not really comfortable to wear for an extended period of time. So my mind started to think about how a ring in an ergonomic shape would wear. Together with a Dutch silversmith, the first prototype was created. It worn way more comfortable compared to a standard o-ring but while it did not give me the exact feeling I was looking for, I sent the prototype to an award-winning silversmith from the UK and together with him the JCobra was born and Velv’Or was a fact.

Velv’Or has been around for a few years. How does being a brand founder in this space differ from say selling watches or shoes online?

It actually does not differ in my eyes when you work with a stylish brand. The consumers that buy from you are all searching for something new to EnRich their lives. Most men have never ever worn a cock ring before and found Velv’Or when searching the web for something beautiful to EnRing their Crown Jewels. Many members of Velv’Or’s League Of EnRinged Gentlemen are very loyal and fall instantly in love with the products, brand and want to own a collection of Velv’Or products. Some of them even post pictures of themselves being EnRinged on a sub-Reddit they requested me to create for them:

What sets your product apart from the competition?

I never say competition; I say, colleagues. The style Velv’Or is giving the world is something different compared to the style our colleagues are giving which luckily for us appeals to many men from all over the globe.

What do your friends and family think when you tell them what you do? 

My family and friends are used to what I do and me being very open about this. But it is always funny when I tell it to people that are not aware of it yet. Some people who you think they understand closes completely and shift to another subject and others open up and finally feel at ease to talk about their desires with somebody. I love talking to people to EnRich their lives with Velv’Or products or the ones of our colleagues!

So why sex toys and enhancements for men?

Well, I am a man myself so the choice was easy while I originally created the JCobra and all other designs for myself. And I believe that if I like something there will be thousands of other men out there on the globe that share this feeling with me. Besides this, I believed when starting Velv’Or that the world of sex toys needed something stylish for men.

Got any tips for men who have never bought a toy before?

For all heterosexual men, I say ”get out of your comfort zone” this the first step. Many heterosexual men on our globe never ever used a pleasure product on their lady to lift her sexual experience to the next level. When they made this step the second step normally is to search for something small for them. Our JBoa is bought by many women as a gift for their men as their first-ever pleasure product. Many men actually go for one of our ergonomic designs to EnRich their lives.

What plans and goals will Velv’Or pursue in the upcoming 2021?

We are currently working hard on adding more products to our range. The first addition will be a nice cool collection of silicone cock rings especially added to our brand to reach all men that are still in their comfort zone. We will follow up with a Penis Fitness collection as well as a Back Door collection.

You can find more about Velv’Or on Twitter Instagram and Redit.

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