Valentine Sex list

I have always created different possibilities when it comes to Valentine’s Day. Questions of: What can I do to make this year a little more special, to create...

Valentine’s Day, I love this day. It gives me the perfect excuse to spend my days leading up to it dreaming of endless possibilities and lists in pampering my partner, to indulge my partner in a night of unforgettable memories.

I have always created different possibilities when it comes to Valentine’s Day. Questions of: What can I do to make this year a little more special, to create a magical night of discovery and exploration, a night of uninterrupted explosive sex that would push boundaries and create new undiscovered sensations. Why I create a sex list of course. My Valentine’s Sex list. A sex list gets me prepared for a night of good expectations. It gets me psyched up and ready for what is to come.

My sex list always starts with the mood. How do I set the mood right for Valentine’s Day:

  1. Candles. Nothing screams mystery and romance more than entering a dimly lit room, inhaling the scent of sweetness mixed with candle wax burning, flicking in the darkness of the room.
  2. Wine. Alcohol in small amounts will increase your libido and make you feel flushed. Now imagine this setting where you enter into a dimly lit room, with wine by your bedside. As you start sipping wine, allow yourself to be pampered by engaging in long foreplay and by teasing each other ever so slightly. A slight nibble on the ear, hands moving up thighs, sharing a sip of wine between kisses. There are endless possibilities when it comes to spicing up the mood with some wine at the beginning!
  3. Chocolates. Just like wine, chocolates are known to increase desire, arousal, and sexual satisfaction. After all, you are getting ready for a long exciting night, aren’t you?

With the mood set, my sex list would carry on to things that would create an exciting adventure for an unforgettable Valentine’s Day night. I want to treat my partner to a full sensuous feast, to tantalize every sensation and every fiber possible.

  1. Sexy lingerie. Valentine’s Day is the day to be creative and open, to wear something that you might not wear on an ordinary day. Be it a crotchless panty; which could open up a ton of creativity, or sexy two-piece lingerie, it is the day to give your partner a visual treat for the eye, and to make him yearn for your body simply by teasing his sight. Guys, do not worry, for you can do the same. Put on a piece of tong, or a C-String and you can be assured that your lady appreciates more than just the visual treat she receives.
  2. Get your partner a sex box which comprises everything needed to create an unforgettable, explosive, and intimate Valentine’s I had the luxury of exploring Saucy’s Valentine’s Box with the theme (Back to Basics), and Saucy’s Kinky Box, and I got to say, it sure blew my mind with the sensations I encountered with my partner. Not only did I get to know my partner’s sexual preference better and experienced such heightened sensations through Valentine’s Day Box, but I also got to explore my kinkier side with blindfolds, handcuffs, and whips with the Kinky Box. It was sensuality at its best.
  3. Foreplay. My Valentine’s Sex list cannot do without foreplay. This is the night of romance and sexuality, the night where I want to take as much time as I can, pampering and teasing my partner slowly. It is a night that should result in an explosive orgasm, a night of unforgettable memory.

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