Photo by Claudio Salviano, wearing Shhh! Couture Latex
Photo by Claudio Salviano, wearing Shhh! Couture Latex

UK Top Fetish Model of 2020 – Witchy Pixie

To me latex fashion modelling is a wonderful new frontier. Coming from a background in fashion modelling, I have made it my goal to create a niche market...
To me latex fashion modelling is a wonderful new frontier. Coming from a background in fashion modelling, I have made it my goal to create a niche market...

Hi! My name is Pixie, I’m 26 years old, and I work professionally as a latex fashion model. I grew up in Vancouver, Canada, and have been living for the past three years in Rome, with a brief stint in
Edinburgh as well. Outside of my modelling career I also work in archaeology and childcare and make custom bedazzled hats and masks. I’m a Taurus, and boy does it show! My partner always says I’m one of
the hardest headed people he’s ever met, but he seems to be ok with that! I also think that’s part of what helps me stay so motivated with everything that I have going on.

How do you get started with modeling?
My first photo shoot was on March 11th 2013. It was a group shoot, with I believe three models and one or two photographers. Since high school I had always wanted to model, but since I had always been very
involved with sports, I never had the time. During my first year of university I had been rowing on the varsity team, and quit part way through the year. Suddenly, I had 22 hours of extra time for once in
my life, and since the concept of “free time” was completely alien to me, I decided to fill those hours with modelling. At first I had zero contacts. I was shorter, a bit heavier set, and didn’t know how to
pose at all. But I was driven. I joined all of the relevant Facebook groups for castings, made an account on Model Mayhem, and started to study my butt off. I would literally spend two hours PER NIGHT looking
at photos on Pinterest, and I would try to copy and learn the expressions of the various models there. I would then try to recreate those faces and angles in my mirror and learn which ones worked for my body and face, and get them into my muscle memory. I studied this much for my first two years of modelling, until I had a lot under my belt.
However, after 5 years in the fashion industry, I was not doing great. Given my naturally more athletic build, I never managed to be “thin enough” for my agencies’ standards. This had led me into 3 years of
bulimia at the time. When I was in Milan and my agency told me I had to leave 5kg in half a month in order to stay with them, I said enough is enough and “quit” modelling. I thought for good.
At this time I had already been involved in the fetish industry for a few years, going out to my local fetish night club Sin City, and I realized that maybe I could continue to pursue my love of modelling in the fetish industry: a much healthier, body positive, inclusive industry!

What does it mean to be a latex fashion model?
To me latex fashion modelling is a wonderful new frontier. Coming from a background in fashion modelling, I have made it my goal to create a niche market, which hopefully will also grow over time. When I first
made the choice to transition into fetish modelling, I knew that the more traditional sexy poses simply weren’t my thing. There are plenty of other models who have clearly studied that niche, enjoy it, and are
incredibly skilled at it! I decided that I wanted to try to bring the posing and expressions that I had learned from my time in fashion into the fetish industry, and create what I have named latex fashion. There
are a few other models who have a similar style, and using Lara Aimee and La Cel as inspiration and points of reference, I have spent the past three years exploring the possibilities of this new industry.
To me, being a latex fashion model means bringing together my love of fashion modelling and my love of the fetish industry, while staying happy and healthy. It also means helping broaden the reach of latex, by shooting content publishable not only in the more traditional fetish magazines, but also in fashion magazines, and helping share latex with the world!

What are you most proud of in your career so far?
The proudest moment in my career, by far, was getting crowned the UK Top Fetish Model of 2020 in the UK Fetish Awards! After years of feeling a bit passed over in the fashion industry for being too short,
or not thin enough, or having too many tattoos, it is such an amazing feeling to be recognized for all of the work that I put into my career. I have always strived not just to show up and shoot, but to really study my craft, trying poses and expressions that I have seen online, and practicing them at home until I am satisfied with the results. I genuinely love the work that I do, and seeing that recognized at such an elite level is a feeling that I can hardly put into words.

Photo by Matt J Harris, wearing Eustratia Latex and Malice Lingerie
Photo by Matt J Harris, wearing Eustratia
Latex and Malice Lingerie

What inspires you?
My birth mom has always been my biggest inspiration throughout my life. I grew up knowing that she had made the incredibly difficult choice to give me up because she didn’t feel like she would be able to
give me the best chance in life, and just knowing about her love and selflessness has gotten me through so many tough moments in my life. Plus, she sure was able to give me an amazing chance at life by
choosing the parents that she did, and her and I have met in the past years, and so now I have not 2 but 4 amazing parents that I love so dearly!

How many tattoos do you have? And with one is your favorite one?
I believe that I have 10 tattoos, though I do often loose count! My favourite would probably be my left arm sleeve, done by Eleonora Urbani in Rome . I wanted a sleeve that summed up my love of Ancient Rome, so I went in to her with a request to include the Goddess Roma, Mithras, and the she wolf, and then gave her a few other options of possible monuments or other figures that she could include. I left the specific design up to her, as I love her style and wanted her to have the freedom to draw it as she saw best. The result is AMAZING! I have received so many compliments on it so far, and we have only finished the outline! We also managed to hammer out the full sleeve outline in one session of 7 hours, so mega kudos to her on an amazing job.

What’s the most interesting thing about you that the Internet doesn’t know about you yet?
Hm, this is a hard one because I always try to be super transparent with my fans on Instagram… I guess one thing that might not have been brought up on my account is that I used to play quidditch! I played as a beater for my university team back in Canada, and then also trained with teams in Rome and in
London. My best friend in Rome is actually the ex-captain of the Italian National Quidditch Team! As much as I loved the sport, I was only so-so at it, and with all of the bruising that it left me it became a bit difficult for modelling. I do still love to go out and watch games though, especially the World Cup!

What is your goal for 2021?
My goal for 2021, in terms of latex fashion modelling, is to continue to push my career as far as I can. I have of course taken a huge economic hit during Covid, so getting back on my feet and sorting out
a feasible career and travel plan will be key. Once I am back up and running though I would love to plan an international tour once per month, to get the most out of this wonderful, fun, and exciting path
that I have discovered! I would also love to use my title of UK Top Fetish Model to help reach
out to a wider audience, showing that the fetish industry is growing and evolving, and helping bring latex fashion to the world stage!

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