Surprising Burlesque with Perline DuBarry

Burlesque means freedom for me. Freedom for myself, but also freedom for every woman and man. It’s a way to be more comfortable with your body but also with your mind and express your creativity...
Burlesque means freedom for me. Freedom for myself, but also freedom for every woman and man. It’s a way to be more comfortable with your body but also with your mind and express your creativity...

Hi, I’m Perline Dubarry, I have been born and raised in Paris, France! After ten years as a ballet dancer in Paris, I decided to perform in another part of the dancing world, a funny one, a sexy one:

The Burlesque!

Inspired by the old burlesque dancers with a mix of satire and glamour, I always love to put a personal touch in my shows. I take pleasure to create surprise with spectacles build around my own personality and life experiences.

How did you first get into burlesque?

I used to live in Sydney for a couple of years and I ‘have met a boylesque performer who invited me to watch one of these shows. I instantly fall in love with burlesque. After congratulating him he introduced me to the producer who proposed me to try performed for the next show and here we are!!

What does burlesque mean to you?

Burlesque means freedom for me. Freedom for myself, but also freedom for every woman and man. It’s a way to be more comfortable with your body but also with your mind and express your creativity. It’s a real challenge to become a burlesque performer but it quickly becomes a lifestyle.

In your opinion, what is the difference between burlesque and striptease?

I won’t tell narrate the entire story of burlesque because there so many things to say, but basically, the burlesque club was the place where man came to see a striptease. Then society evolved and we have now what people call “strip club”. The big difference between burlesque and modern striptease is the research of telling a story when you do, what we call in French “ effeuillage,” which is the art of taking off your clothing in a certain way. In Burlesque you also have to create a costume that respects the burlesque code: glamour, fun, exotic, etc… As a burlesque performer, you are a costume designer, producer, performer.

What is the best part of your work? What do you love the most about it?

Honestly, the best part of my job is when I arrive at the venue, when I know everything is ready, costume on, music on, vibe on, just been ready behind the curtain but also all the time spent before on backstage preparing myself is what I live for. The thrill of the stage after a long preparation.

Are you working toward an ultimate goal? Or, do you find this work something you want to do in the long-term?

Both of them. I would like to be good enough to be selected to the hall of fame in Vegas and at least make a podium, but also define the activity as a forever job !! Even if is a second job that ok for me!

What has been one of the best or funniest moments in your work?

Well, it’s was during a little show in a little venue. Let me explain: I had to do a French cancan act, which is as you know a real challenging show because of the technicity and it asks a minimum of space to do it.  The stage was really small and red curtains were hung on all the walls encircling the stage.

Well, I decided to do it anyway and what I feared off exactly happened. One of my heels grabbed a curtain during a cat wheel and almost snatched. But you know it’s a burlesque show so i just laughed and kept going! The show must go on!

What advice would you give to those looking to start as Burlesque Dancer?

Honestly, I will say, “be prepared for everything, because anything can happen!” This is the beauty of burlesque!

Where do you find your inspiration for your burlesque routines?

That change all the time. Sometimes I think of a costume I will love to develop and I build a show around it, sometimes it’s because of music or a movie. Or sometimes it could be because I want to share about a specific subject.

What’s your biggest ambition in life?

My biggest ambition in life is to always do something I love as work. Whatever it is burlesque or another activity, but always wake up in the morning enjoying my personal life and professional life.

What do you always carry with you?

Actually, this is not something but someone. My man always comes with me, it’s like a question of honor for him to never miss one of my shows. He helps me during all processes of act creation but also during the show itself.

Who are your style icons? Favorite designers?

I’m in love with vintage in general. As a kid, I first knew Dita Von Teese of course but there so many icons I love that I can’t choose! And this is the same for designers, especially for French girls how can I choose?

The biggest topic on everyone’s mind nowadays is the coronavirus and social distancing. What have you been doing during this time to stay upbeat?

So many festivals and dates have been cancel during this last year. I’m currently living in Tunisia where I found a job as a dance teacher. I recently have the opportunity to open my own dance academy here in Tunisia and work is in process. I’m really excited about the new project and I can’t wait to start.

About Burlesque I did what every performer did, we switch online doing online shows! Patiently waiting for the re-opening of the frontier.

Have you done something you’ve been wanting to do but never had the time?

Maybe it’s a bit weird but I have taken this time to fix myself. I had to do two surgery with a long time recovery and I never wanted to stop all my activity for doing that. So Coronavirus actually helped me to take a break and focus on my health and I can tell you I don’t regret it!!

What is the plan for the future? What next?

Well, developed my dance academy of course! Bur also be able to travel again to perform everywhere in the world like I used to be! That miss me so much.

What’s the most interesting thing about you that the internet doesn’t know about you yet?

What the coronavirus also gave me was the opportunity to get back on horseback. Recently I resumed horse aerobatics and now wish to develop burlesque and cabaret shows integrating horses

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