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On film days we shoot all of the story elements precisely. When it comes to sex we move into more of a “documentary” mode...
On film days we shoot all of the story elements precisely. When it comes to sex we move into more of a “documentary” mode...

If this genuine sexual expression is what you are looking for in your porn, you should check out the short films by Colorado-based SPARK EROTIC.

Could you introduce yourself and tell us a little about the Spark Erotic?

Hello. . .we are Urvashi and Kama, co-creators of Spark Erotic. We lead an independent erotic film company based in Denver, Colorado. We film authentic sexuality with indie cinematic style.

How the idea for Spark Erotic came up?  What is the story behind it?

We have been erotic photographers for 15 years. After a decade of creating still images, we decided we wanted to move into film because we are very sex-positive but saw so much negativity in the way sex is often portrayed. Urvashi wanted to like porn but felt it was disconnected and made her feel uncomfortable. We decided we could do it differently by normalizing sexuality and filming people who already had the “spark” between them. We wanted people to see sexuality in a new light and have permission to enjoy themselves.

How did you create the videos? How many videos now are on the website?

We create our films by coming up with story that we believe is erotic and match it to our team members we think would enjoy it best. We then proceed to write the script, find locations, create a shot list, etc.

On film days we shoot all of the story elements precisely. When it comes to sex we move into more of a “documentary” mode. We may plan with our team members a little but we try to stay out of the way and film the sex as unobtrusively as possible. We do not start and stop or force our direction on them. It looks natural because it is.

We don’t hire normal porn actors. We partner with our non-professional friends in a collaborative art project for each film. All of them have prior sexual relationship as partners or friends. They choose to work with each other and volunteer because they really want to have sex (again) with the person(s) they are filming with.

We have released 25 films to date and working hard on our next. When you sign up to support us you get immediate access to all of our films and join us in helping to make the next.

How do you come up with new ones?

We do a great deal of brainstorming and dreaming. We’re inspired in a lot of different ways – mainstream films, literature, many things. We ask for ideas from our team members sort of like “Well, what kind of fantasy do you want to experience?” We’re constantly asking people about their fantasies and sexual situations they find exciting.

What is most challenging in creating new videos? 

A few things. Working within small budgets and trying to get the best, most professional look possible is a challenge. Our patrons’ support is essential to us! We also count a lot on volunteers and help from friends.

Our biggest marketing challenge is finding our target audience and gaining their support. Free porn makes it difficult. It takes time, energy and money to create quality.

Who is doing the testing before the video is going viral? 

We don’t do any testing with audiences before releasing films. We do the best we can and offer it to people who we hope love it.

What sets Spark Erotic apart from other similar websites?

There are a number of differences. We haven’t hired professional actors or porn stars to make our films. Our actors are friends of ours from our Lifestyle. They already have a sexual relationships either as couples or friends so the sexual energy you see between them is real and wonderful.

We don’t charge a monthly subscription fee. We ask for a pledge of support and collect that when we release a new film.

Do you have any favorite or particularly memorable movie you could tell us about?

We love all of our films, but there are some standouts as to memories. Merger was only our second film. We stretched and used larger locations, bigger cast, more dialogue. It was a blast to make and has remained one of our favorites.

Also, PSA is a standout. We took a fun concept and worked really hard on every detail to make it a success. Rogue & Remy acted the intro part with so much expression and subtlety.

What’s included in a Spark Premium Access on your website?

In addition to our films we have a lot of other great content that we give premium members access to. There are biography films of our team, expanded photo galleries including more explicit photos, behind the scene photos and films, interviews and just general crazy sexiness of our lives on set and off.

Anything else you would like to say to our readers?

Wish you a wonderful, healthy sexual life. Consider supporting us as a film company and helping us in the erotic revolution.

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