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Meet, a model management Company for adult film (porn) models. Launched 13 years ago, and have had great success over the years. These performers have booked with many adult fi…

Meet, a model management Company for adult film (porn) models. Launched 13 years ago, and have had great success over the years. Their performers have booked with many adult film production studios including Reality Kings, Porn Pros, Penthouse, Hustler Video, Teamskeet, Amateur Allure & many others. Our models have been featured on the covers of Penthouse & Hustler magazines. is proud to be the top-rated model management Company in the adult film industry, by model review.

Why The Porn Agency? How did the idea come together?

Our parent Company has been around for a couple decades, and they’re in the business of managing screen actors for Hollywood movies & fashion models. The parent Company is based in the San Fernando Valley, aka “Porn Valley” of Los Angeles, California.

Between 2006 – 2007, our Senior V.P. went to the owners of our parent Company and proposed the following: “We already have a decade of experience professionally managing actors & actresses… we also happen to be located in the porn capital of the United States… why don’t we combine these ‘forces’ and create a separate division to manage adult film models?” The owners thought it was a great idea, and the rest is history!

Because of background in mainstream talent & model management, we have a greater level of professionalism than other porn talent agencies & management companies. It’s also because of this background that we’re the only porn talent Company to have its performers cast for both adult & mainstream (Hollywood movie) productions.

How many porn stars do you hire/manage? currently manages roughly 75 active female performers, as well as 35 or so males. We also have over 600 internet models that entertain customers via live streaming & their professional model websites.

Do you employ only women or also men?

The only discrimination we practice at is age-based (applicants – for obvious legal reasons – must be age 18 or older) and seriousness-based (models must be 100% serious about working in porn & committing to their own success).

Other than that, we do not discriminate based on sex, gender, orientation, race, etc. Both males (gay & straight) and females are more than welcome to apply.

What is the submission process?

Very simple. Aspiring pornstars age 18 or older simply need to visit and complete an application.

How many submissions do you get, monthly?

150 – 200 people apply with us daily, so that would put us over 5,000 monthly applicants.

How do you pick someone for a further interview?

Every morning, our management team sits down and reviews each viable application. One of the first things we look at is whether or not the applicant followed the instructions on the application form (for example, as to the type of pictures uploaded, or the correct type of e-mail address). is a talent management Company with; emphasis on the word “management”. If an applicant disregards our instructions, right off the bat – even on the online application form, that’s a pretty clear indicator that they are not a good candidate for “management”.

Because of the incredible amount of applications that we receive each day, we are looking to move only the most serious applicants forward.

What kind of advice do you give your actors regarding new movies?

Be professional, but at the same time, relax & enjoy the process. Sex & porn is fun! You need to have fun with it. Start your career the right way… with a professional talent management company behind you. Apply today at!


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