Poland – Sex love in time of COVID-19

The number of erotic advertisements, sex offers, matrimonial advertisements, and social advertisements dropped on the Internet by several dozen percent...
Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay
Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

The current time in the covid 19 epidemic has had a negative impact on the entire world, also on the sex business. The economies of the largest countries have suffered significantly in the current crisis. First China, then Europe with Italy, France, Spain, Great Britain. Finally, the United States. Although Poland did not suffer in the crisis like other countries, the sex industry lost significantly during this time. During this period, we analyzed the situation in Poland. As it turned out, the sex industry went through the quarantine period much worse. Due to numerous limitations, sex was not as easily accessible as it was before.

The number of erotic advertisements, sex offers, matrimonial advertisements, and social advertisements dropped on the Internet by several dozen percent. Naturally, the largest portals that earn up to several hundred thousand zlotys on erotic announcements each month have suffered from this. This huge one is impressive. Knowing that usually on the largest sex portals, adding an advertisement per month costs 50 PLN, now you can imagine how much the sex services business in Poland is worth. Yes, there are billions of zlotys each year, of course, un-taxed. Such erotic portals as roksa.pl, odloty.pl, eamore.com.pl naturally suffered the most. It was the same with sex dating. Restrictions in hotels meant that a couple who had a sex meeting could no longer rent a room. For example, in Krakow, nobody could rent a hotel for some time. Such a move not only hit the tourism industry, which was already dead but also elements not directly related to the hotel industry, such as sex meetings or sex dating.

Erotic portals are the main source of prostitution in Poland. The number of women working in agencies and on roads is much smaller. The popular Garsoniera.pl portal also showed a lack of customer feedback and user-generated traffic on the site. Many girls who post their sex ads on the Internet have changed a bit, giving up sexual contacts for the sake of phone sex. For this reason, the largest Polish portal with erotic announcements has introduced changes to its website by introducing a new category of sex phone. Moving on, despite the fact that many girls gave up running sex services, the ones that ran them often introduced many changes. Many girls accepted only regular customers. Others in their erotic announcements indicated that they were only accepting Polish clients. A large group of girls pointed out and further emphasize it in their social announcements that the apartment is disinfected and the towels are washed at a very high temperature.

We also analyzed the entries on the largest Polish truck portal or, more simply, prostitutes standing by the roads, i.e. the website gdziestoja.pl. As reported by users of this portal who are truck customers, the girls disappeared from their locations. No wonder in the peak period it was not possible to move freely around the cities and the girls standing by the road were an easy and quick target for policemen. Currently, when it is safe to say that the time of the greatest crisis is behind us, the girls return to their favorite places.

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