Pandemic Heroes – Sex Doll Vendors

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that so many people have been interested in obtaining a sex doll in order to help them pass long quarantine days during the lockdown..
It shouldn’t come as a surprise that so many people have been interested in obtaining a sex doll in order to help them pass long quarantine days during the lockdown..

As you might have read in major publications worldwide, the sale of sex dolls shot up as soon as the coronavirus was declared a pandemic. Sex doll lovers and admirers were quick to pounce on the idea in preparation for the worst. True to their fear, many countries imposed lockdown regulations, including the closure of state borders and cancellation of flights. As a result, most families, friends, and lovers were separated.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that so many people have been interested in obtaining a sex doll in order to help them pass long quarantine days during the lockdown. If there was any scenario for what the industry needed to boost its productivity and sales, a national lockdown would probably be the best thing that came to the scenarist’s mind. Therefore, we can see that this actually happened in the last couple of months.

Sex doll manufacturers started reporting the surge as early as February. According to an industry leader, SexyRealSexDolls, their support agents had never been busier. “As soon as the virus started gaining traction, people were quick to explore their options. From phone calls to emails, dozens reached out to enquire about sex dolls or make orders. Eventually, we had to increase shifts in our offices because the demand was all of a sudden high.”

Support agents continues to describe how the pandemic was the single most eventful incident in the company’s history. “We really didn’t expect it to happen, but it did. It was a challenge at first, but we all knew how we needed to react.” According to the American-based vendor, they had to bring in new faces and streamline the service delivery process even further. The newly-created interest in these products expected from all of the companies to be completely prepared for the situation.


China’s Sex Dolls Production

According to the experts of the sex dolls market in China, we can see that between 3 and 4 thousand dolls were produced during more stable times. However, the amount of these is now doubled due to the COVID-19 pandemic and imposed lockdown in a vast majority of countries in the world. Plus, we can see that most of these are exported to Japan, the United States, and European countries.

Furthermore, we can see that the number of orders has increased in countries like Germany, Italy, and Spain. It doesn’t matter that the last two have often been marked as countries who’ve suffered the most during the first couple of months in 2020. At the same time, it should be said that there is some interest in the Chinese market. However, around 90% of these products are marked for export.

Also, we can see that according to some of the statistics we are able to see that the average consumer of these products is males, between 30 and 35 years old. But it should be said that there is not just one reason for buying these dolls. Instead of that one, we’ve all thought about, we can see that there is the question of display goods and having a company during the long quarantine days.


More Problems

Other than increased sex dolls sales and inquiries, another challenge faced by the industry was the disruption of shipping. As a result of the virus, shipping delays were common, as the at-work Covid-19 regulations began to take shape. Regulations such as social distancing and extra scrutiny on products meant more days at the airports and delivery firms’ warehouses. It can be said that this is something that made life much harder for a plethora of different industries and companies. So, there is absolutely no reason why this shouldn’t be the case with producers of sex dolls.

Airports and delivery companies were taking extra measures to protect their staff and customers. And while the delay was all in good faith, the experience made the pandemic even more hurting. Most vendors had to deal with disputed charges and other problems caused by the delay in shipping. To be completely honest, there weren’t too many options for them. All of the regulations imposed in order to be used for the fight against the global pandemic of COVID-19 had to be followed thoroughly.

And though things are starting to fall back with the reopening, the pandemic’s effects will stay with us longer, and there is absolutely nothing strange about that. As many experts predicted, this is not the last time we are going to witness the global pandemic of coronavirus. Not in terms that we are going to witness some different kinds of this virus, but in terms of another peak of the same virus that we’ve had to experience for a good amount of time earlier this year.

Chargebacks from customers are always disappointing. “While some things are unavoidable, we really worked hard to lay down the effects of the pandemic on the business. We communicated to our customers how the delays would affect shipping time through our social media platforms and support agents.

And that’s why it was very important to bring in new faces. Refreshing the company’s offers, when it comes to products and services is always a necessary step. We also developed a checklist on what a potential customer should be aware of at different engagement stages. Such measures and policies have helped us maintain a better understanding of all our stakeholders.”


All in all, the pandemic has taught us a lot, especially regarding the importance of sex doll vendors. The industry has faced harsh criticism in its journey to the top, and it’s funny how it took a pandemic to clear the doubt. Most people have relied on sex dolls during this time, with scores changing their perception of the topic.

We’ve already talked about this concept, and how it is perceived to be a strange one by many different people. However, we can say that the whole perspective about it has been changed since the first big peak of coronavirus is behind us. Therefore, we are able to witness that it’s not something the majority of people thought.

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