New To Webcamming? Here’s How To Do it

Where webcam models really profit is when they move revenues off the webcam directory and deal directly with their customers. This can include attending shows for fans...

How webcam models can maximise income

The webcam industry is by far the largest side of the adult industry, attracting tens of thousands of performers and studio operators. Talking with performers and clients, it’s not seen as porn but a type of glamour modeling. The problem is most webcam performers aren’t unlocking the potential to significantly increase their revenue by applying a few simple solutions.

How it works

Most webcam performers will start their careers on a directory. There are two different business models available. The first being tips or tokens. This is probably the most challenging as it requires performers to be online all the time. Potential clients visit the performer’s room and offer tokens in return for a show. Performers normally have a list of services and those services get performed once they reach a certain number of tokens or tips. The second business model is to offer a free preview in which the aim is to take clients into a group or private show. A group show could involve several clients watching a performer and a private show would be one on one with the client and cam performer. With this business model, the performer would specify a pay per minute rate for both group and private.

The problem with large directories is the sheer amount of competition. These sites have thousands of performers online at the same time so how do you entice clients in when you may not be visible? The main page of the directory will normally list 30-50 performers, if you’re not on that initial page, chances are you won’t be getting the traffic you need to make serious money. So, let’s look at other ways to make money as a webcam performer.

Client engagement

Where webcam models really profit is when they move revenues off the webcam directory and deal directly with their customers. This can include attending shows for fans, signed photographs and posters, purchasable videos to download, phone chat services, wish lists, and donations. By offering a more personalized one on one relationship you can guarantee clients will stay loyal and purchase your material over and over.

Your own website

There’s nothing more important than having your own website and domain name. Your own website cuts out all the competition and will keep your clients focused on you instead of other performers offering similar services. HornyDesigns is a great website builder that incorporates Webstream’s software platform. Webstream provides webcam, phone chat, video sales, picture sales, and donations software which can all be used to interact with your clients and more importantly make you money. Clients want to know more about their favorite performer so it’s important to keep them up to date. Among the many features of HornyDesigns, you can create a blog or news section to help you stay connected with fans. There is no need to worry about shopping carts or credit card services as Webstream run their own payment gateway. You can be up and running the same day.


Although with HornyDesigns and other website builders you can literally design your own website layout, it is important for your brand to stand out from the crowd. You may want to employ a graphic designer for certain aspects such as designing a header and logo. The logo you choose can then be used throughout all your products such as watermarking videos and photos as well as business cards and posters.

Photos and Videos

Selling photo sets and video clips can be very profitable. If you want quality videos and photos it may be worth looking for producers and photographers that offer content share. Content share is a great way to keep your costs down and means both the producer and performer own the rights to the videos or photos. The producer or photographer will edit and retouch the content and provide it to the performer free of charge and in return, they can also sell the content through their own channels.

Social media and marketing

Having a website is great but you still need people to find it and that’s where social media comes into play. If you haven’t already, set up a Twitter and Facebook page. The combined traffic of these two platforms is astronomical and can be used to promote your website with short posts and engaging photos. Try to publicize these accounts as best you can and engage with clients as much as possible. Mention your webcam and phone chat schedule as well as new videos and photos you have for sale. It’s all free advertising for the services you offer and can really improve the traffic to your website.

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