Meet Master Giacon – alfa male with dominant nature.

I always felt older than the age I was. In pre-adolescence, while my classmates were thinking about football, toys, and pokemon, I was already rediscovering my sexuality...
I always felt older than the age I was. In pre-adolescence, while my classmates were thinking about football, toys, and pokemon, I was already rediscovering my sexuality...

I am a person who has decided to follow what feels right, even if this differs from most people’s thinking and what they think is right. At a certain point in my life, I decided to start following what I felt inside and that many of us hide for fear of the judgment of others; this led me to know myself more and more and to arrive at a situation of physical, emotional, and psychological well-being.

Everyone has their own path to follow to reach their own “inner peace” and I understand that it is important to get in touch with oneself to achieve this goal.

Within me I found the will to be free. What I do is a way to satisfy this need in my soul: when I experience a BDSM situation I feel free more than ever.

How did you discover BDSM?  What does BDSM represent for you? And how important is it in your life?

I always felt older than the age I was. In pre-adolescence, while my classmates were thinking about football, toys, and pokemon, I was already rediscovering my sexuality. Watching a movie, I saw a scene that aroused a very strong interest and excitement so I started looking for information, videos, forums, and anything that stimulated my imagination and imagination until I got to realize those fantasies.

As I said, BDSM represents my way of feeling free: during a particularly intense session, I go into a state that I call meditative. And this feeling completely pervades me: I stop thinking and I follow only the inspiration of the moment, leaving room for an infinite number of emotions and sensations that I feel together with the person with whom I am.

At the moment it is a fundamental part of my life; most of the relationships I have are consequences of my passion, whether they are friendship, affection, love or work; often these four things are intertwined.

What prompted you to become a Master?

I started out as a submissive to learn and understand what I liked. I am a person who thinks it is essential to try something before saying whether or not it is for itself. When I found myself thinking that I could do better than the people I had in front of me and with whom I was playing then I realized that I probably should have done it myself and this led me to learn everything I know and to keep learning new things, as often as I can. I believe that one of my best qualities is that I want to continue learning all the time, even from situations or from people who seem useless or even harmful.

Is there a particular path to follow?

Each person has his own personal path that is unique and unrepeatable. What I can recommend is to try sharing as much as possible, especially when you are a beginner.

Many practices can hide dangers that you are not aware of and the best thing to do is to prevent, knowing the dangers and asking for help from those who are more experienced. There are now various workshops, events, and parties organized everywhere that will help you in your business. You have to be very careful with the information found on the internet. I, for one, when I was very young, started to inform me there. However, it is important to combine the various levels: I began practicing more extreme practices only after years of studying and attending the fetish and BDSM environment.

Do you dominate only men, men and women, or both? What, if any, are the differences between dominating a man and dominating a woman?

I define myself as a pansexual because what excites me is not the sexuality of the person I play with, often not even his physicality is important, what matters most is his attitude. One thing I often say is that I would never enjoy whipping someone who doesn’t like being whipped. On the contrary, I really enjoy it when I find someone who likes and who has the right attitude for the whip. This applies to any game, the stronger are the passion and pleasure that someone puts on, and the more I can enjoy it too.

I prefer sexually dominating women much more: from my point of view they feel much more pleasure than men and therefore I enjoy it a lot. Despite this, the funniest and most inspiring sessions I have had with men, probably because the latter have a much more perverse mind.

What is the biggest mistake a Master can make, and what is the biggest mistake a sub can make?

For a dominant, it is to endanger the physical or mental health of their submissive. Often it is something that happens when you don’t have enough experience: you try to push too hard not realizing the real dangers of some practices.

For a submissive, on the other hand, it is not to give appropriate feedback to their partner: communication is very important and is the starting point for having a quality game. This is also the reason why I do not allow the use of drugs in my sessions: altered perceptions generate altered feedback and increase drastically the risk.

What makes a good master, and what makes a good sub?

A good Master always remembers that things are not done alone, there is always at least one other person and the game does not depend only on the dominant, there is a continuous exchange of power between the parties.

In addition to this, I think it is very important to be able to put yourself in the shoes of your submissive in order to better understand what you are making to feel. In the same way, a slave always remembers that the level of connection that can be established also depends on him, remaining as open as possible to the situation and helping the dominant in his role.

What are your most favorite services? Pick 3.

One of the things I particularly love is letting people discover new sensations and emotions, when someone, after giving me the keys to their pleasure by communicating fantasies and interests to me, leaves me carte blanche, remaining as receptive as possible and allowing me to express to the maximum what I want to experience through the sensory experience that I choose is suitable for both.

Another of the things that give me satisfaction and emotion most is when I bring those in front of me to overcome their limits, whether they are related to pain and submission, or whether they concern some block in the psychological and mental sphere.

As a third choice lately I would put the shibari, it is challenging to learn it but, if done for this purpose, it brings those who practice it to a level of harmony that makes it easier to understand and connect.

What is the most important thing you require from a sub?

The ability to abandon oneself, living in the present: the deeper the abandonment is, the more I can have fun by entering into the depths of the emotions of both.

Sexually, what turns you on personally?

I can’t make a list. The answer to this question changes based on the day it is asked.

There are days when I particularly love leaving marks, days when I like to see the perversion within someone, others when a caress and a hug excites me much more than a spanking, still others when I find a nice conversation at the table more satisfying.. I reject monotony and like to always vary based on what feels right and based on my company.

What would you recommend to those who want to approach the world of BDSM?

Do not be afraid of the judgment of others, cause problems only as long as you give them the opportunity to do so, open your mind, the more open it is and the more it works well.

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