Meet Coralyn Jewel – model, director and adult performer

My name is Coralyn Jewel. I am a published International Best-Selling author, host of the Hankie Pankie Podcast show and I have over 10 years of experience as a model, director, and adult performer.  I shoot customs and have done over 50 professional scenes for such companies as Adam and Eve, Devil Films, Mile High Production, and many more.     

What is your background (education/work, etc)?

I hold a Theatrical Degree BA and I was a competitive figure skater growing up with at one time in my life the opportunity to represent South Africa in the Olympics as a pair skater. I own an event planning company and I focus on weddings, Trade shows, educational conferences, and Swinger events. I am also the owner of a mobile fitness company and I was an ice skating coach in Sweden for 4 years. I also recently released my first book in 2020 When the Ice Melts, The Story of Coralyn Jewel, and since my release just 6 months ago my book is now a #1 International Best-Seller and is available as an audiobook as well now.

How did you become an adult film actress?

There is a back story behind this but in an overview, I started in the industry behind the scenes as a production assistant, camera operator, and director before deciding at the age of 35 to work in front of the camera as a talent.

What is the hardest part of being an adult film actress?

So for me, I love performing and I have not had any bad experiences on set. Finny enough the hardest part is the whole testing process every 14 days. Since I do not live in LA, Las Vegas, or Miami to find a facility near me that actually is open during Covid and has the supplies needed has really been a challenge and it becomes very frustrating.

What is the most fun photoshoot you have ever done?  Why was it fun?

The 3rd offer I had in the industry was a three-day shoot at a Swingers resort in Southern California. Since I run a Swingers club called Hankie Pankie this was exciting to spend 3 days at the resort and film my first real film. Our movie, Wife Swinger Swap 3 Shot for Adama and Eve Productions and directed by Luc Wylder was nominated for best Polyamory film at the AVN awards and to this day is still my favorite project that I have worked on.

Do you have a significant other and what does he/she think about your career?

I have found it difficult to date and still be in the industry. Many partners in the past say they are fine with my carr but in reality, when it is in front of them, they seem to change their minds. I understand it is difficult to watch your significant other go do a webcam show, custom video, or shoot a sex scene with someone else but for me, it really is ” just a day at the office”, However, I have chosen at this time not to date at all and just focus on my career as a lifestyle coach, speaker, author, podcast host, event planner, and performer.

You work as an adult film performer, movie director, camera operator. With work do you like the most and why?

This is hard as I love to direct. I love to be creative and challenge myself to make something different however I also love being in front of the camera. If I had to choose as I get older directing is where I would want to put more focus.

Do you get to put your own ‘spin’ on works that you do?

Yes, most shoots I have done and still do the directors allow my input as they know I am experienced and like to hear my ideas.

Is there anything else in the world of eroticism that you would like to do?  Any plans for furthering this part of your career?

So I always tell my friends I am the funniest “pornstar” you will meet. I do not really like to swallow, I cant deep throat but funny enough I like anal and I am a squirter. So I have never on film yet done a DP, or DV, or even gangbang or blowbang. So I would love to do another Swinger movie with multiple talents and maybe incorporate my fantasy of multiple men at one time which so far in my career has not really happened.

Have you ever seen your work displayed or read comments about your work?  Were you pleased, disappointed?  

Working in this industry you need to be strong. I have read good, bad, and funny. Sometimes descriptions are derogatory but that is expected. The funniest thing I ever read was that I was a GILF and that was maybe my 2nd scene at the age of 35. I do not like to watch my work which is funny I am just very picky and I am my worst critic so I prefer to shoot and leave and never view the scene, but yes I have seen a couple of my scenes.

Do you see your work and think ‘I could have done this differently’?

As mentioned above I rarely watch my work however I do view my custom video’s that I make for clients and those I have to review as it is normally me alone with my own lighting and camera equipment. I view these to learn what camera angle is best, how I could have fined lighting and I analyze my vocals, my body positions, and any distractions in the background so I can make improvements with every custom order.

Find more about Coralyn on her website and also you can follow her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Coralyn has also released a new podcast  The Hankie Pankie and you can find information on the book here

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