Interview With Webcam Girl – Nicole Nabors

The big difference would be the safety for me. With camming, you cam solo and alone where ever you wanna do so. With porn your under contract to do what they say...

Webcam modeling is the future of porn. There, I said it.

There’s something exceptional about being able to interact with your smutty material that makes the experience all the more intimate and authentic. But… it’ll cost you.

I had possibility to ask few question a WebCam Girl – Nicole Nabors about her life and work as a WebCam Girl.

Why did you decide to step into Webcam work?

Well I tried the whole 9 to 5 work thing but it just did not work for me. And I knew even from a younger age I wanted to do something different than everyone else! I loved the idea of sex work, such as a stripper, pornstar, camgirl, etc. but I wanted to be safe while doing so, so I ended up choosing cam and have loved everyday of it!

How does camming differentiate from porn for you?

The big difference would be the safety for me. With camming, you cam solo and alone where ever you wanna do so. With porn your under contract to do what they say and who they say. I wanted to be my own boss and do what I wanted to do!

Where do you see Webcam modeling going in the future?

Hopefully it will be more normalized in the future with alot more support for sex workers. I see webcam models taking over the porn industry! “Changing the game” per say!

What makes a successful cam model?

Well like any job, if you work hard and live your job, you will be successful! Interact with your fans, be open minded, and just have fun with it!

What are the positives from the work and what would you recommend to anyone wanting to get into it?

I would definitely say the positives are all the great and interesting people you get to meet along the way. Being a cam model can help boost your self confidence and help you become who you want to be! It makes you feel empowered! And I would recommend to stay positive, be open minded, and dont do anything your not comfortable with and don’t let anyone run you over! 6. What is the best part of your work? That I am my own boss! I don’t have a work schedule, I just go with the flow!

Do you see this as a long term career?

Absolutely! I love what I do and I plan to retire doing what I love!

What is the funniest moment you’ve had in the business?

It would have to be when i got my first ejaculating dildo! I was shooting a scene and needed a little help from my boyfriend. His job was to SLOWLY squeeze the syringe. Well apparently he didn’t know what slowly meant and he squeezed it so fast that before I knew it, the dildo had shot faux cum straight up my nose! I still have the clip! It was hilarious!!

What are some of the most important things in being successful?

I would have to say try and keep an upload schedule to keep new content coming out so your fans won’t get bored! New content equals more followers!

The biggest topic on everyone’s mind nowadays is the coronavirus and social distancing. What have you been doing during this time to stay upbeat?

Well I’ve always been kind of a couch potato so I don’t mind staying at home, plus thats where I work! Ive been taking up a few new hobbies such as painting, bird watching, etc. But the main thing would be sex! It relives so much stress!

What is the plan for the future? What next?

I plan to definitely keep filming and uploading to Manyvids but also maybe branching out to a few more sites! Open the possibilities!

Anything you would like to add, thoughts you would like to share with readers?

Manyvids is such a fantastic site! With so much support and love! Such amazing members that will make your day! And I would like to thank everyone that has helped and supported me along my journey so far!

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