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Balancing private life with my work is absolutely challenging at times. My friends and family are kept private from what I do so I have to be very discreet when I travel....
Balancing private life with my work is absolutely challenging at times. My friends and family are kept private from what I do so I have to be very discreet when I travel....

EroticSpin has the pleasure of featuring Corinne Reilly as she talks about her life as a Adult Companion and sharing know & behave for first timers.

Tell us about whom Corinne is. How would you describe yourself? 

Corinne is a classy yet sexually charged escape.  I am kind, respectful, and a great listener.  I am very progressive, open minded and understanding of the many different sexual fantasies.  Nothing is more personal than sex and companionship. I have made it my specialty to satiate those desires.   

How did you get into the business? How the idea of being a provider came to you?

Prior to being in the business I had been swiping distinguished older men.  While the dates themselves went well I couldn’t help but notice that we both led very busy lives.  At one point I was occasionally visiting a busy professional only when he wasn’t working and I wasn’t studying for school.  I had the thought that perhaps a mutually beneficial relationship could bring more motivation.  I am a very sensual woman who loves the company of a man.  This seemed like the perfect time to monetize on what I love most and do best.

How long have you been in the business?

I have been in the business about two years.  

What is the biggest challenge balancing private life with sex work life?

Balancing private life with my work is absolutely challenging at times.  My friends and family are kept private from what I do so I have to be very discreet when I travel.  My school work is my priority so sometimes I have to turn down engagements or schedule them for later than I’d like.  If I am unable to take a client’s phone call or see them on short notice is likely a logistical issue because I am with family or in school.  However, that can often be avoided with advance notice.  Overall, sex work has brought me great joy, confidence, and financial stability.  

The biggest topic on everyone’s mind nowadays is the corona virus and social distancing. What have you been doing during this time to stay upbeat? 

Coronavirus has impacted us all in many ways.  I have found outlets to stay positive and balanced during 2020.  Some of my current activities include reading books, my naked woman paint by number, hikes, facetiming my girlfriends, and cooking.  Sure I miss the nightclubs and parties.  Like everyone else I have become grateful for the occasional outdoor dining with friends and family while the weather allows.  

Have you done something you’ve been wanting to do but never had the time?

I have always wanted to create an OnlyFans page.  The pandemic has certainly given me the time to upload content.  I am actually very excited to share it with my social media followers and potential / current clients because it is a window into my adventurous side.  I have always been a big fan of porn.  I believe it allows us to accept that whatever makes us feel good is what we should do.  Whether you are alone or watching with a partner it is incredible foreplay.  I am hoping my pics and especially videos will allow the viewer to see a more raw version of Corinne and get you excited to come see in person.  My videos are a combination of what makes me excited as well as special requests.  

Have you ever had one of those ‘what was he thinking’ or ‘what was I thinking’ moments in this profession? Can you elaborate a little on it?

I feel I have been very fortunate (knock on wood) to not have any horror stories to share.  One time I was at a client’s hotel room and his toilet wouldn’t flush.  I was able to remove the lid and make a hurried repair.  This left me no time to throw on my sexy lingerie.  When I came out to his bed he looked at me funny and said, “Your thong is…. interesting.”  I looked down and it was on completely backwards.  We both had a good laugh as I removed them.  

Have you met clients and actually become friends with them?

I have nothing but kind words to say about all my clients.  I always feel honored that they have chosen me.  I especially feel a particular provider / client connection to my loyal regulars.  On the day of our date, I feel excited to see them and look forward.   My friendship always remains 100% professional.  I would never categorize sex work with my civvy relationships.  My clients have my full attention, respect, friendship, and companionship during the times we are together.   

What body part (of a man) turns you on (before you get all his clothes off)?

His penis.  I have a soft spot for a man’s eyes.  A lot can be told through one’s eyes.  And then I am probably thinking about your penis. 

What should gentlemen who have never engaged a Provider before know & behave?

I would strongly encourage a gent to do a bit of researching before seeing a provider for the first time.  Abiding by proper etiquette may be the key to ensure a second date for the future.  Making your provider feel safe and comfortable is always number one for me.  Understand that they need to protect themselves both professionally and personally.  This means if they have requests such as no phone calls, no explicit texting, etc please respect all requests.  Likewise, I would encourage gents to check with the provider if there are any particular acts in the bedroom that are off limits.  Arrive showered and clean with fresh breath as we do the same for you.  Always arrive with cash only concealed in an envelope and left in the restroom for the provider to pick up herself.  Time is what we have to offer you and others. Please be respectful and arrive on time and leave on time.  Breaking the fourth wall makes a provider feel uncomfortable and potentially unsafe.  Discussion about intimate details of our personal life and compensation will only dampen the energy we bring you.  While gifts and tips are never expected they are always appreciated and encourages flexibility in future dates.  A well dressed, kind mannered, respectful gent with a positive attitude and generosity is a perfect start to a successful, sexy date.

Anything you would like to add, thoughts you would like to share with readers?

Don’t be afraid of first date jitters.  Like any first timer, it is completely normal to feel a bit nervous or awkward.  Let’s relax together with some champagne and get to know each other.

Thank you for your time !

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