How To Satisfy A Woman During Sex

Neck kisses, ooohhhh I love neck kisses. I have a few spots and it gets me good, real good! I think the deciding factor on what type of interaction is chemistry...
Neck kisses, ooohhhh I love neck kisses. I have a few spots and it gets me good, real good! I think the deciding factor on what type of interaction is chemistry...

All things sex-related have kept me very curious since I was a teen. Sex is one of life’s many pleasures but it is definitely a pleasure that we should indulge in. The way I view sex is not only as a normal biological need and drive but as an activity that everybody should enjoy without any attached shame nor should we shame others for things they enjoy. I understand why some may feel bashful about their deepest desires but we all have them and they need to be embraced. I think it would be a shame for a person to miss out on trying something they fantasize about due to a lack of opportunity or embarrassment to express their needs. The only real boundaries I see are the law and consent.

Where we differ as individuals is in the activities, fantasies and people that really get us going. Personally, I am very open-minded when it comes to all things sexual. I’ve explored many different sexual acts and feel like there’s nothing I could hear about that could really shock me, although I’m sure I’m wrong.  I appreciate all types of relationships; monogamous, open, same-sex, just do what feels right for you. Personally, I view sex and love as two separate entities but obviously, the two worlds collide.

What Turns Her On

What really turns me on is watching a man really enjoy the things I’m doing to him. Watching his face, hearing the moaning and sounds that he makes – that turns me on incredibly. Many different things turn me on and it can vary from day today. I enjoy a sensual experience, passionate kisses, feeling a man’s lips slowly caress my body and inner thighs before eventually making his way to my sweet spot. Occasionally I like to be submissive and be told what to do or have things done to me but often, I like to be in control and dominant and take the lead. Role-plays can be a lot of fun as well. Right now at the top of my list would be the “Secretary & Boss” scenario, which turns me on just thinking about it. “Doctor & Patient” hit quite high on this list as well.

Neck kisses, ooohhhh I love neck kisses. I have a few spots and it gets me good, real good! I think the deciding factor on what type of interaction is the chemistry and dynamic between two people. The relationship I have with my sister and best friend are different dynamics even though both are females and of the same age, the dynamic and connection between myself and each man are unique.

One thing I really would like to try personally and am yet to fully explore is bondage and submission. I’ve watched some porn movie clips in the genre and it turns me on incredibly. BDSM seems to range from quite mild to unbelievably extreme and as a first-timer, I would keep it fairly mild as a starting point and could only enjoy it fully with someone that I know very well and have a lot of trust in. I think it would help if the dominant had a little experience under their belt as well.

When I think about it, the role plays I mentioned are almost dominant/submissive roles. I think I’m a closet sub!

Know When To Be In Charge

I think an ideal scenario would start with me in control, playing with a guy and really turning him on and teasing him until he can’t handle it anymore and then he takes over and has crazy, hard sex with me because I’ve turned him on so much. There’s something about being at the sexual mercy of the right man that is making me flushed just as I write it.

I have been dominant to men before (Mistress, although I prefer princess) and I have gotten some deep satisfaction out of being in that role. It is a very powerful feeling to have a man on the floor completely at your mercy and willing to do whatever you ask, and it scares me how much I enjoy it!  I guess I should consider myself lucky to have experienced so many things.

Mistakes Men Make During Sex

One mistake that anyone at any time can make is the lack of hygiene, and when you are intimate with someone this problem is amplified. I could never have the heart to hurt someone’s feelings so I just ride it out, albeit gritting my teeth.

It may sound strange after mentioning rough sex above but being rough in the wrong ways doesn’t equate to a good time. An example is biting the clitoris, just no, please no never. Ouch! I’m going to say most biting isn’t great for most girls most of the time. I try to ride through bad experiences, they happen and you learn.

Once I had a girl (yep a girl!) scratch deep inside of my vagina with her fingernail, it was incredibly painful, she was aiming for my G-spot and slipped. So basically I’d say if it may draw blood it’s a no. Females are like delicate flowers, we can like it rough but in ways that make us say mmm, not ouch!

Does Size Matter?

No, definitely not.  It really is true, it’s the motion in the ocean. Personally, most of my pleasure and orgasms come from my clitoris. Normally while I rub it and I’m being fingered so if a finger can do it.. point proven. Some lucky girls can climax from penetration alone, and I have perhaps on two occasions ever but the ratio isn’t very good, so just trust me on that one. All penises are beautiful and fantastic as long as they are clean and healthy.

3 Favourite Positions For Sex

I’ll start with doggy, it’s sexy, it’s deep it feels good it looks good and both parties can access the magical clitoris.

Reverse cowgirl is great. Again it gets nice and deep and the guy has a lovely view, or so I hear. Reverse cowgirl can be a lot of fun to watch if I’m facing a mirror.

Lastly, it may sound boring but I really like a man on top. I like to put my legs over his shoulders and if I rub my clit while he fucks me this is how I can orgasm during sex and I love it. Once I had a guy tell me to hold my legs open while he was on top, it was an incredible turn on, just recalling the fact is an incredible turn on.

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