Finding that Perfect Style

It is that time of year to decide if you are going “Old School” with a big “Bush” or go “Porn” and shave it all. Of course, there are many versions....

Where I live we are slowly moving into summer and as the weather becomes warmer so does the water in the sea and the pools.  Women look for new bikinis and bathing suits and the men try on their shorts from last summer, hoping they still fit.

It is that time of year to decide if you are going “Old School” with a big “Bush” or go “Porn” and shave it all.  Of course, there are many versions in between so it’s all up to you and what you prefer.  If you have a man or a woman in your life you might want to ask them what they like and maybe do some research on the net to see different styles.

Many of us women keep the same style all year around and this is what I want to talk about in this article.

Personally, I prefer a nice “landing strip”, nice and short.  I’ve shaved it all off a few times, but for sme reason I felt uncomfortable, it didn’t look natural.  I know some ex-boyfriends of mine were all into the “Porn”.  They thought it looked sexy and cool and used a bunch of other adjectives to describe it.  I asked them if they would like me to shave them completely clean and their mouths turned into O’s and they slowly backed away.  Why not?  I would ask and they answered that guys should have hair and other lame excuses.  When I asked them why, specifically, they preferred their woman to be shaved, they would laugh and say something about getting less hair in their mouths.  I pointed out that women also get hair in our mouths if the guy has a jungle down there, but according to these guys it was not the same thing.

I like a man to have his natural hair where it is supposed to be.  Now, don’t take me wrong, pubic hair should be cut short and neat. Some men shave their chests, I don’t like that.  If they are not swimmers at Olympic level they don’t need to streamline their bodies.  What about hair on the back and shoulders?  OK, here I do like to say a visit to a beauty salon or SPA where they do a good wax job would be a good idea.

I believe that with the internet men have become used to seeing women with no hair and they expect their girlfriends and wives to do the same.  Let me tell you, apart from waxing, it takes time and dedication to keep it smooth, it is not easy.  Having said that, I also like to have my man to take care of himself and don’t leave me with the “Amazon” when I go down on him.

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