Extreme rubber and bandage with Mistress Kim from Rubberstel.nl

Rubberstel.nl, a website created by rubber and bandage loving couple from the Netherlands. Had the pleasure to ask few question Mistress Kim, about there life and love to rubber and bandage.

For those who don’t know you, who is Mistress Kim?  

I am normal woman with a real big fetish for rubber and bondage. 

As a woman, it is not “normal” to have a rubber fetish. You see a lot of models on the internet in latex clothing but they do not have that erotic feeling from the material. I know only 2 or 3 lady’s that really love the feeling of smell and noise of rubber. It must give you butterflies to say I am a rubberist. Also, I do enjoy being inside rubber bondage myself. People think a mistress must be only dominant. Maybe I am not a dominatrix, I know I am a fetishist and love to play with my rubber objects. Love to see them struggle in my rubber bondage creations. But it is also a good feeling to give someone this special sensation that rubber can bring.  

Why do you enjoy rubber and bandage? What is the story behind it?  

It started at a young age. I tied up my friends to the tries. Later I started to wear leather when I go out at the weekend en much later I discovered a rubber with the upcoming of the internet. A bit later I wanted to know more about this world and met my husband. He also had a rubber fetish and we met in a rubber-studio. I was there to investigate this rubber world and he was thee a manager. I asked him with an excuse for his email address and later that night at home I started talking to him on MSN massager. In the beginning, he did not believe my fetish for rubber but after talking for a night he was 100% sure about it. He took me out on a date a few days later and that same night I was struggling in a rubber body-bag. I wished he never took me out of this lovely bag. After that, we married and had kids. My searching for new rubber and bondage never stopped and in the years I bought for a ton of rubber. I played with other people and we go to parties and events. I still always try every new bondage item first by myself.  Not only because I need to know how it feels but also because I love the feeling of rubber bondage. 

How did you come up with the idea of rubberstel.nl

I started this because of many of the same questions we got every week. I also like to show the world what I do. We never thought it would get this big and was officially only made for the Dutch rubber-scene. Later someone translated it into English. My English writing is not that good but we do our best to do it. The name Rubberstel means that much as Rubber-couple but then in the Dutch language.

What made you decide to become a professional mistress? 

I am not a pro-dome. Many people think I am a professional mistress but I am a real rubber fetishist. I do play with other rubber freaks but only with people I like and feel connected to. And of course, I can’t do this for free but the prices are reasonable and all money goes into new material.  Some of my rubber slaves became real good friends and mean a lot to me. I do nothing I do not like and the base of each session will always be rubber and bondage.

Could you describe the bandage scene in your country? 

What I do is a real small corner in the BDSM scene. In the Netherlands there not many mistresses or studio’s with rubber anymore. The material is too expensive to do this in a professional way. Party’s are also always a mix of rubber fetish with other BDSM fetishes. I also don’t believe in putting people into boxes. I see many interesting rubber bondages in the gay-scene. Those boys are so creative in rubber-bondage. Sometimes I wished to be a man. But I do play with gay-boys as well. It is not important to me as long as you are a fetishist. I have been to England last year and I must say I felt really attracted to their rubber parties. It had more style and class and people made a lot of work from their outfits.  

What are your favorite practices? 

I love rubber body bags and have them in a lot of types. Also layer over layer is so erotic. The feeling of being totally isolated from the world. Not knowing when I take them out. Bondage must be bondage. No way out and real tight for long periods. I also love breathplay, nipple torture, and estim in my sessions. I am in total control. I leave my rubber slaves in bondage for 2 to 6 hours in bondage. Sometimes I ignore them for a long period but always play safe and never leave them alone.  

Would you like to tell something to our readers? 

Most importantly, to be who you want to be without harming others. Find a way to live out your fantasies that fits your lifestyle. Life is always a compromise. But remember one thing. A fetish is not a crime. This might sound all very logical but we all know how hard it is to find the right balance in life. When we lose the balance we feel stressed and burned out.  

Stay Kinky XxX Kim 

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