Erotic Hand Massage

How about giving her a hand massage. Not just holding hands, but an erotic hand massage! What is a hand massage you ask, and, more importantly...
Image by carjens from Pixabay
Image by carjens from Pixabay

Sometimes it’s hard taking your intimacy to the next level when you first start dating.  We’ve all been there.  We go to a restaurant, a movie or just hang out talking for hours.  But, you seem to be stuck at first base.  You wonder, am I doing something wrong?  Should I make the move or wait for her to make it?

How about giving her a hand massage.  Not just holding hands,  but an erotic hand massage!  What is a hand massage you ask, and, more importantly, how will that take our relationship to the next level?

Sit next to her and talk about  make small talk about something irrelevant (this is not the time for talking politics!).  Tell her a joke and make her laugh.  This will help both of you relax.  Then, slowly and casually, reach for her hand.  Relax and breath!  Feel how soft it is, how it fits in your hand; entwine your fingers but don’t hold it tight.

Slowly begin to massage one hand by making  small circular motions on the palm of her hand with your thumb Do this for about 5 minutes on each hand.  Always check her facial expression and body movements to ensure she is enjoying.

Next, exam her hand, as though you are holding a rare and exquisite gem.  Look at her hand and whisper to her that her hand is perfect.    Kiss her hand, while looking into her eyes.  Again, comment on how perfect it is, how soft and warm it is.

 At this point, you can continue a little mindless chatter or just hold her hand, making circular motions on the top and bottom.  Then, raise her hand to your face, kiss it.  Take a finger and slowly place it your mouth. 

Suck on it, then move forward for a kiss on her cheek, then her mouth.  Let her hand and yours rest in her lap, while you continue to kiss her mouth.  If she is responding you can move her hand to your member.  This tells her she is really turning you on and that you want her.

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