Consensual non monogamy in the eyes of Taara and James

For myself, it’s the freedom to be my authentic self. It’s honoring my sacred sexual feminine energy and inner slut. It's about making long lasting connections .....
For myself, it’s the freedom to be my authentic self. It’s honoring my sacred sexual feminine energy and inner slut. It's about making long lasting connections .....

Interview wit Taara and James, the creators of Sex Uninterrupted. On Sex Uninterrupted you can read about what Taara and James experienced in life non-monogamy. It caters the sex positive movement surrounding consensual non-monogamy. It focus on educating those who desire to live a sex-positive/open lifestyle and target couples and singles interested in exploring their sexuality and learning more about the non-monogamous movement.

Taara and James, take role of lifestyle educators seriously and host a bi-weekly YouTube Show, offer private coaching, write an educational blog, share club and product reviews and attend/host a variety of events.

For those of you who don’t know, how would you explain what swinging is?

A: Swinging is a mindset. It’s being open and non-judgemental about sexuality. It’s living what you desire to experience out of life. It’s understanding that life doesn’t have to be what you were told or made to believe and that you have a choice.

For myself, it’s the freedom to be my authentic self. It’s honoring my sacred sexual feminine energy and inner slut. It’s about making long lasting connections with people who know and understand the real me. It’s being with a partner who celebrates my sluttiness instead of squashing it. It’s learning how to set boundaries and say no. It’s learning about how to hear it that word too.

How did you become swinger couple?

A: I (Taara) found this lifestyle through an ex-boyfriend. I have always been a sexual person so I accepted the concept with open arms (even though I didn’t understand what it all meant at the time). When James and I met I shared some of my life with him. He was intrigued and we were FWB-swingers for almost a year before we labelled our relationship. Once we were a “couple” we really started exploring the Lifestyle together and never looked back! I guess we never really had the traditional relationship from the start!

Is the swinging community welcoming?

A: VERY! It is the most accepting and non judgemental community that I have ever been a part of. Gender, age, race, body type, sexual preference, fetishes…it doesn’t matter – everyone is accepted. Sharing that you are new to couples opens up floodgates for information. Everyone is willing to share – pun intended 😉

Are swingers sexually adventurous in ways besides simply having different partners or is changing partners the extent of swinging?

A: For us, there is more than just swapping partners. I don’t want to speak for all because there are some people who enjoy just that. And that is ok too. I find that we can explore our fantasies and sexuality on a deeper level. We build trusting relationships with people we connect with so that we can explore new and exciting things. I (Taara) am a very kinky person while James is more sexual. Experimenting with kink with other people has been incredible. And the sexy part is James gets to watch or hear about it after and it turns him on. I’ve been able to experiment with toys I would never purchase myself or feel what a DVP (double veganial penetration) is like. I am also bisexual and crave deep connections with women. Having a women stay over and showering alone with her is so fucking sexy – even if we aren’t having sex the eroricism is out of this world. So yes, to me swinging is more than swapping partners and we do a LOT more than just fuck!

Will you describe how swinging has affected your relationship?

A: The Lifestyle IS our life. Neither of us could imagine life any other way. The openness, the freedom, the love, the passion. I don’t think it would ever be realistic for us to be monogamous. I am bisexual and my female connections are sacred to me. James is an incredible lover and not sharing that would be a crime – especially with his sexual appetite. I couldn’t ask him to change for me. I get pleasure watching his pleasure. And vice versa.

Do you have any advice for people considering the lifestyle?

A: Build your foundation first as a couple! Practise communication. Communicate so much that you think you know everything you can know about your partner and then talk more! Understand what you want. Understand what you can give. Envision where you want it to be going. Take as much time as you need before. There is no race or competition. And be patient, loving and kind with each other!

Who came up with the idea of Sex Uninterrupted?

A: I (Taara) is the founder of Sex Uninterrupted (“SU”).

Can you tell us more about it?

A: SU is the essence of us. Everything you read, hear and watch is a part of our real life. I don’t know why but I (Taara) have this burning fire inside of me to do more. To share what an open non-monogamous relationship REALLY is. I desire to give back to the world and to women. I want women especially to understand they do not need to be ashamed about their sexuality. I want them to know there is a community where they can honor their true selves and safely explore their inner sexual goddess with OR without a partner.

What are the top three challenges in running swinger podcast?

A: TIME, TIME and RESOURCES! I work full time so Sex Uninterrupted happens on weekends and nights.I have an entrepreneur brain and have so many ideas but I need more free time to manifest them and make them a reality! It would be awesome to have more resources (aka money) so we could travel more and share our experiences.

What is the plan for the future?

A: I see SU growing to be a terrific resource for those exploring non-monogamy. Stay tuned to find out how.

Anything else you would like to say to our readers?

A: Thank you. Without the feedback, comments, messages, likes and countless thank you’s we wouldn’t be here. I feel so much gratitude when someone approaches me at events and shares that our information changed their relationship and helped them explore the Lifestyle. That feeling is why I do it all. It touches me heart and I thank all of our followers for their support and contributions (shoutout Dara Save!).

Thank you for your time !

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