AfterGlow, Women-Led Erotica Site

The biggest challenges have been around the stigma our culture has about sex and porn. This makes literally everything we try to do harder, despite the fact that our business is completely legal....

Afterglow, a new feminist porn site, launched in February 2021. Fit-out towards a woman’s point of view and interests, it’s goal is to combine sexual education and well-being into sexy videos that focus on the pleasure of all participants… but they’re not stopping there. Each of AfterGlow films is accompanied by an entire pleasure universe …that means erotica, exercises, how-to’s, behind the scenes and more. The main mission is to help women have more great sex and dive deeper into intimacy and connection, not just on-screen but also IRL.

Lilly Sparks is the founder and the driving force behind this new company. Here is Lilly’s explanation of where the idea of afterglow came from and where she plans to take it.

When did the idea for afterglow come up? 

Making porn for women is what I’ve always wanted to do with my life. I wondered why I couldn’t find the kind of porn that made me feel like the sex scenes in TV and movies did. Recently, I went on a silent 10-day meditation retreat in Hawaii. On day 7, amidst the crashing of the waves, a message came to me.  “Start now.”  You never feel like you’re 100% ready. Even though I had no filmmaking or industry experience, I knew how to learn and I knew I wouldn’t give up. That’s when I decided to start afterglow. Fun fact: I started my career as an accountant; I’m not sure you can make a bigger jump than from accountant to pornographer! 

What are the biggest challenges creating afterglow?

The biggest challenges have been around the stigma our culture has about sex and porn. This makes literally everything we try to do harder, despite the fact that our business is completely legal. From getting a bank account to trying not to get banned on Instagram just from using the word “sex”, every day brings an obstacle for the team to get creative about. It’s been a struggle despite so many people wanting and needing our product. This is why I appreciate the opportunity to talk to Erotic Spin and be part of what y’all are doing!

Why the name “afterglow”?

I wanted a name that was associated purely with pleasure and feeling good. Something that was associated with sex but not dark, overly sexual, or XXX. I was on a long road trip thinking about different names for the company, and Purity Ring’s “stardew” came on. The lyrics go “leave me in the afterglow, the dew of dying stars.” The minute I heard that I knew afterglow was the right name.

How does afterglow work?

It’s simple – we are a $10/ month subscription-based website. This gives you access to all of our original and licensed films, plus exercises, articles, erotica, and more. We are offering special $69 annual memberships right now for our launch. Plus, we’re offering readers of Erotic Spin a free 30-day trial to check us out – just use code EROTICSPIN21 when signing up at

Can you tell us a little bit about the 2 new originals movies Lip Service and U Up?

Lip Service is unique in that there’s zero penetration in the film. The big themes in the film are cunnilingus and communication. The storyline is amazing. It’s centered around a woman who knows how to tell her boyfriend exactly what she wants and where she wants it. There’s also a hint rtfof voyeurism thrown in. The pleasure universe for Lip Service even features a companion exercise called “Delicious Cunnilingus” that vagina owners can do with a partner. I tried it myself and it made me feel much more comfortable receiving – something I’ve always struggled with.

U Up? was actually inspired by the social distancing parameters brought on by COVID. It’s the story of two lovers separated by the pandemic, finding pleasure over the phone. It’s a tale I’m sure many can relate to in this day and age, having to find virtual ways to connect.

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