3 Tips to get started as a Cam Girl

After lighting, let's look at the background. Consider yourself and whoever else in the foreground. If you’re looking for a more uniform shoot, then you should stick to the solid colours...

This article may seem a bit more orientated to those who Cam often or are looking to cam more often but the essentials of setting up a room for your photos makes all public photos for you better as well as your selfies for your private or public life.

Tip 1 – Lighting

Lighting Is the essential part of your setup, once you find your comfortable position, you must adjust your lighting.  Professional lights are not necessary, a nice light stand with multiple lights will offer you the best type of lighting.  You can also shoot in natural light, which depending on your theme, maybe what you want.  However, do remember how your photos will look depending on the weather, but we’ll discuss natural vs lamplight at a later time.

As shown in chart A, your lighting setup should be almost the same depending on how you are shooting, dim light and other techniques get more complicated but will become easier as we go along. This stance is very neutral and more often used for camgirls, but for getting started in photos and videos, this is a good place to start as you branch out.

Tip 2 – Background

After lighting, let’s look at the background. Consider yourself and whoever else in the foreground. If you’re looking for a more uniform shoot, then you should stick to the solid colours in your shoot-room or location.  It is a good idea to avoid yellow because it often has a nauseating effect on people. While colours do have importance, so too are your decorations.  If you are camming, it may be a good idea to get a chair or something to rest your button, and this also applies to any photos or videos taken while you are sitting down. Blankets, dividers, pillows, and fake or real plants can all be tied in the photo shoot or video.  Never forget how important your body is for the main decoration. What you have decorated your body with should fit your other decorations, or you can work with classing.  For someone with lots of black Gothic style tattoos who wants a frilly pink background and decor, no one will ever say you’re wrong.  If you have nobody decorations, just ensure your lighting is not overpowering your skin and over flushing your decorations.  Lightening your skin with light is also an option.  Different colours of light and types will have different effects so never fear fiddling around with light and learning what you like best.

Tip 3 – Posing

Once your room is set up and you are the center of all your photos or videos, next comes your posing, now everyone’s aspect will cause them to pose differently and there are no guaranteed positions that will have you 100% perfect.  A general rule of thumb is if the camera is below your face and you’re looking down at it, this gives the viewer a submissive view of you, while the camera looking down on you gives you the submissive view. Positions will be looked at in-depth later.  Again positions and lighting will be very much the same

When it all comes down to it, your shoot room isn’t what markets you but your personality and who you play to be, whether it be a Lovely Little or a Towering Dominatrix. Do what makes you comfortable, and again, these are just the basics…

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